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Why Westin

Why Westin?

At Westin, the quality of training is unprecedented in terms of state-of-art infrastructure and latest teaching methodologies. The undoubted strengths of the college are:

  • We aim to make our students most productive and creative by providing best-in-industry training. We train them through collaborative and innovative methods of teaching for which we are recognized for many years.
  • Our alumni base is what we call our success stories. We treat them as a core team which proactively helps us in taking some of our most strategic decisions.
  • Our faculty is our backbone of success. Hence, we make sure that they are provided with a flexible and friendly work environment which encourages them to excel more in their chosen fields. We aim to create a multi-skilled workforce which consists of team players who take pride in converting our vision into reality.
  • We train students with dynamic and interactive methods of teaching and provide knowledge and skills which lay the foundation for growth prospects in various sectors of the hospitality industry.
  • We provide constructive feedback to students which help them in self-assessment and motivate them to become professionals in operational and managerial roles.
  • We strive to create effective modes and means of instructions by adapting to the latest trends and technologies and provide intensive training.

Courses offered at Westin College share the following common objectives which we adapted over time and are shaped by various stakeholders of WESTIN:

  • Create an environment that promotes a responsible and principled individual who acts as stewards of the environment
  • Provide the best possible educational facilities that lead to an acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary to excel in Industry and advance in their career with leadership qualities
  • Provide trained manpower to Hospitality, Tourism and other relevant industries
  • Complete the curriculum of courses as prescribed by the respective University
  • Ensure that support services respond to inquiries, requests, and concerns in a timely manner
  • Provide career counseling and identify an ideal pathway for each student based on their academic performance and field of interest
  • Facilitate student’s placement in both Industrial Internship and Job
  • Guide students interested in higher education & research in the hospitality sector