This degree is designed for students who wish to pursue their careers in international, multinational or global organisations. It will provide you with the global competencies needed to work across national borders, to manage complex international and inter-cultural relationships, and to understand global aspects of the world of work. The programme focuses on both the business environment – the cultural context, the markets, the legal, financial and ethical constraints under which firms operate – and their strategy, marketing and entrepreneurial direction. It also covers the internal aspects of the firm such as human resources, organisational behaviour and culture, operations, and information technology.

First year starts with four weeks of I am the Best training programme. Training on business ideas, business etiquettes and telephone handling is given- help you to develop the passion and to stay in a flow of business environment. Study modules include principles of management, financial accounting, managerial economics and business mathematics. Involving experts from industry to share their expertise and experience on these modules.

In the second year you will undertake – 4 months internship that will significantly enhance your CV and future graduate employment prospects, help you to build a professional network and provide a valuable opportunity to apply and further develop your knowledge and skills. The modules includes business statistics, business finance, marketing management and human resource management.

In the third year modules include entrepreneurship, business law, sales and distribution management and organizational behaviour. You will also select from a wide of range of optional modules, allowing you to tailor your degree towards your own needs, interests and aims.

The Westin also conducts workshops on marketing strategies, human values and professional ethics, enterprise and entrepreneurship giving you the chance to take part in business planning exercises and a competition to develop and potentially even launch your own business.

The Field

Successful organizations search for business graduates who are prepared to face the challenges of a dynamic business environment within a global society. Westin business students fill this need through a unique blend of technical and business courses that bring together a powerful mix of fundamental business concepts and practical applications.

Depending on what you choose to specialize in, you could help to launch a major marketing campaign, manage production operations or seek out strategic new initiatives. Our students typically enter a wide range of careers including Logistics and Supply chain management, Banking and Finance, Retail, Aviation industry, Human resource, Automobile industry, Sales and Marketing, and other Service industries.

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