"We aim to operate to the highest standards in all we do".

"Westin" to use our Institution's familiar name, is a multi-campus higher education institution that offers a broad range of studies. Our focus is in Business Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Logistics & Supply chain management.

Typically students choose Westin because of its reputation that has been maintained by continuously offering stimulating effective learning environments to our student body. Opened over fourteen years ago, Westin has developed and changed and will carry on paying attention to the professional and personal development of students.

As a premier business college, we offer a distinctive education marked by strong engagement with our alumni and the business community as well as innovative and transformational programs for our students. Westin faculty members are known for their commitment to teaching and groundbreaking, practical research.

We Go Beyond Degree

Westin college of Business sees education as an investment which must produce a return. We angle to shape our degree (and non-degree programs) to be geared to predict the trends of the job market, as reflected by our electives.

We achieve this by loading our teachings with real business cases studies, consultancy projects, visits to companies abroad, professional seminars and conferences, on-campus recruitment days, world renowned key-note speakers and patrons, conferences and internships.

We hope you will choose Westin as your future Institution and can assure you that all our staff is committed to help each student develop and learn.

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