The counselor's repertoire of skills includes those of forming an understanding relationship as well as interventions focused on helping students change specific aspects of their feeling thinking and acting for effective living and personal responsibility. All sorts of students go for counselling and this doesn't mean that they are "weak". On the contrary, students are for showing a willingness to deal with their problems rather than running away from them.

Some areas of counselling are:
  • Nurturing and Healing
  • Problem management
  • Decision Making
  • Crisis management
  • Support and life skills training

Training Department


The aim of the internship is to provide students with interesting, informative and high quality training opportunities which enhance professional competence and enrich personal development. These opportunities will take place both in the Domestic & international segment .Internship offers the potential for valuable learning opportunities outside the standard classroom setting. The internship can also serve as a bridge between the traditional academic setting and professional world and Creates the opportunity to begin the new life as a learning process for students: therefore west in provides Four months Internship in 11nd year and four months specialization internship in final year .

Training Department supports:
  • Extending to students the necessary advice in order to achieve a successful career path.
  • Giving students the access to the numerous offers received each year from employers and assisting them in their potential job search.
  • Issuing the necessary training Noc required to carry out their internships.
  • Keeping a contact with the students and/or the employer during their internship period
  • Guiding students for their future studies in Domestic and International Universities

The student is responsible for:

  • Being active in his/her research process and to keep the Training Office informed of his/her progress.
  • Submitting Biodata to the training department as per the required date Observing rules and regulations, which are stated by Westin College (charter, training procedures, evaluation process, etc).
  • Respecting administrative constraints such as visa, work permit, language requirement or professional profile requirements, which might limit the choice of location in which the student will do his/her training.
  • Successfully achieving a full Four months (16 weeks) at a single establishment, which is, under no circumstances, managed or owned by a member of the student’s family
  • Covering any expenses such as travel, accommodation, pocket money, work permit, visa costs, insurance etc., which may arise from an industrial placement.

After two rejections of offer for an internship organized through the Training Department, the College will no longer be responsible for obtaining a student’s internship.

If a student releases him/herself from training during the internship period, the student will be fully responsible for obtaining a new training placement. However, should the student feel that the employer has acted ‘unreasonably’; negotiation with the Placement Office can be undertaken. The training periods are considered as part of the institution’s program. The Training Department of Westin College can only provide the necessary training documents for internship’s periods of second year and final year.

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