A business education can be a valuable investment in your own future. And, the right learning experience returns value in ways that go well beyond the monetary.

Moving up in your chosen field, or changing paths completely. Exploring new ways of thinking, or discovering how to make the contribution you always wanted. Perhaps even in ways you never imagined possible.

At the end of the BBM program, the student will have developed specific competencies in Business, Hospitality and related service industry management to:

  • Create environments to lead and motivate individuals, teams and organizations within a diverse and multicultural global business environment.
  • Critically analyze and question knowledge, theories and beliefs in functional disciplines such as marketing, finance, operations, and HR
  • Apply practical knowledge of sound industry practices to exploit strategic opportunities, manage effectively, and solve complex business problems
  • Critically analyze issues in technology management and innovation and their relevance for organizational success and competitive advantage
  • Make business decisions with reference to accepted industry standards of business ethics, corporate governance, and social responsibility.

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